Personalized Video Race Analysis During Camp


Improve your swimming with personalized one-on-one superior video race analysis just like the US National Swim Team!

Our video race analysis will help enhance your swimming technique, showing where your strokes’ inefficiencies are and giving specific personalized feedback to fix problems in your stroke.  We will help you make tangible progress towards reaching your goals of faster times and improved technique.  Underwater filming is incredibly important since so much of the stroke happens below the water so our videos will include both above AND below water views taken simultaneously.

With video race analysis, you can see your strokes and movements in real-time and understand where you need improvement.  It will help identify mistakes in technique, such as late breathing, cross-over and poor body position.  Our full time Texas A&M coaching staff will pinpoint weak points in your stroke and give personalized feedback tailored to your needs to make improvements that can impact your swimming speed and overall times.  Share this great visual tool with your coach at home to maximize its effectiveness!





Every day at camp all campers sign up for an afternoon activity that takes place from 12:00noon-2:00pm.  On DAY TWO of camp, campers who have pre-registered for filming will come to the TAMU Rec Center as their activity and staff will film those campers one at a time.  Campers will do a start and swim a 100 IM.  Both above and below water video will be filmed at the same time.  At the conclusion of the camper’s filming the camper can join the Diving Activity already in progress in the dive well at the Texas A&M Rec Center.

Each video is then reviewed and analyzed by our full time Texas A&M coaching staff.  Personalized WRITTEN stroke analysis is compiled, pointing out the strengths and weaknesses of each stroke.  Coaches will pinpoint inefficiencies and will recommend specific drills to use to improve each stroke.

Analysis and editing will be completed during your camp session and within 48 hours of the end of camp you will receive an email with a link to the video and your personalized written analysis.


The cost for this additional superior video analysis is $125 per camper. 



So that we can give personalized attention to each camper, video analysis spots are strictly limited to 20 campers during each camp session.  You can register for this by logging into your Swim Camp Account HERE, clicking on your initials at the top right corner and then clicking on “My Dashboard”. Once there, click “View All Registrations”.  Click on “Reserve Items” and you will see an option to choose “Personalized Video Analysis”.



As a reminder – ALL campers are filmed during camp every day and are sent their videos within 48 hours of the end of camp.  The difference between the daily filming sessions and the personalized video race analysis is the depth of information provided to the camper.

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